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Am Ashok G, from India. I am an OpenSource Web Developer / SAP ABAP developer, I develop websites, web based applications, customize opensource modules(web), and also have contributions to ERP ( SAP ABAP) programming. I love wordpress and try to specialize it. I love any challenging jobs in wordpress or any other opensource applications like drupal, joomla, magento etc.,

I love hearing old melodies, I am not a frequent traveller but would like to travel more. I always love to be with my friends. And am a beginer in photography with my Sony DSC HX100V.

I am a quick learner. I use PHP to develop applications, and I am proficient in HTML, CSS, and I can convert Photoshop layout to HTML web page.

I hold a Masters Degree in Computer Applications.

My recent contribution to

A woocommerce addon which allows customers to upload files to their orders made Click here to view my contribution

Click Here to Download My Resume

Skype: phpkidindia

7 Responses to “Opensource Web Developer / Consultant”

  1. Alex says:

    I tried your plugin pay to upload but I have a problem creates directories with 755 permissions so when you will upload the files fails. would be possible to modify the plugin so that the folders have 777 permissions?

  2. Alex says:

    you’ve got to check out? Anything new?

  3. Ricardo Maza says:

    Why you gave up on Pay to upload?
    It’s not working with WP and WC newest versions.

    • ashokg says:


      I have checked and tested it with the latest versions it is working fine.

      What is the issue you really face.


      Ashok G.

  4. Lukas says:

    Dear Ashok,

    I’ve found a solution of you for a similar problem I face. However, my problem is slightly different. Your solution is about adding a fee based on the quantity in the shopping cart. I want to add a fee based on quantities of specific products.

    Your solution:

    My problem:

    If you could help me out with this one you would be my hero.


    Greetings Lukas

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